BACtrack® Trace™

BACtrack® Trace™

Accurately and Easily Estimate Alcohol Level in Seconds

The easiest way to get an accurate BAC reading in seconds, the new BACtrack Trace™ Professional Breathalyzer is perfect for a variety of applications: testing employees in business, students in schools, patients in clinics, hospitals, and treatment centers, as well as personal BAC testing of yourself, friends and family.

Professional Grade Features


    • Police-grade Xtend ® Fuel Cell Technology - Provides accurate, trusted results and long term reliability.

    • Easy to Use - Convenient one button operation.

    • Wide Testing Range - Provides precise readings across the complete range of alcohol levels, from 0.000%-0.400%.

    • DOT/NHTSA Compliant - Meets federal requirements for a breath alcohol screening device.