All breathalyzers need to be calibrated eventually if your unit is providing inconsistent, unusually high or low readings or no readings at all your unit may need to be re-calibrated

Depending on usage, units may require more frequent calibration service. For example, subjects should always wait at least 20 minutes after eating or drinking before blowing into the tester. If a subject blows too soon after eating or drinking, this can damage the sensor and/or require an immediate recalibration


What is the meaning of calibration?


Calibration is checking and adjusting the accuracy of a unit by comparing its results with a known value. For example, a known 0.080 %BAC gas concentration is blown into a breathalyzer, and the unit is adjusted to make sure it correctly reads 0.080 %BAC. It is important to calibrate breath alcohol testers periodically to maintain accuracy. Please refer to calibration order form.

Download form here in PDF format Calibration Order Form